I’m New

Welcome to First Baptist’s little corner of the internet. We’re glad you found us. Whether you are examining our site because you are looking for a new church or for some answers we are here for you. You matter to God and your spiritual journey matters to us.

Are You Seeking A New Church Home?

If you seek a new church home then we want to encourage you to try our service on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming space where we can all develop a genuine spirituality that makes sense for everyday living. We exist to help people connect to God. We believe that by enjoying Gods presence in our lives, we can experience what Jesus described as life in all its fullness.

What is our Sunday Service like?

First and foremost, our hope is that anyone attending our Sunday service would feel warmly welcomed! We realize that coming to a new church for the first time can be a bit stressful so we do our best to create a comfortable atmosphere. Our desire is to create a safe space where we can connect with God and with each other in a real way. Our services last about 60 minutes and include the following:


We take care of our church business and say hello to our friends and visitors. We begin our worship time with a song or two. We mix both contemporary praise songs with great hymns of the faith.


Each week we pray for the needs of one another. You’re welcome to add to our list and be assured that your requests are brought before God throughout the week.


We’ll sing songs you remember and some of the great new praise songs. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to meet God and experience His love.


The message is given by the pastor and lasts about 30 minutes. We usually look at a scriptural passage and then learn how it applies practically to our daily lives here in a contemporary village life. Each message also includes practical suggestions of how to move forward in our spiritual journey.

Wrap Up

Pretty safe stuff. No one shines a spotlight on you and no one asks you to stand up and speak to the congregation. It is a safe place to take the next step in your spiritual journey.

Are You Looking For Some Answers On Your Spiritual Journey?

Every person at First Baptist Church has gone through a similar journey that you are on. We may have taken some different roads, avenues and trails but somehow it all leads home. A journey is truly that–a journey. Each step leads to another and that step is always exciting. The journey could be filled with some hard ground or rocky roads. We understand that and want to listen to your journey. Our answers are spoken from our experience and knowledge of the scripture. Feel free to call our office at 716-652-2145.  Dont want to call? You can email him at [email protected].

Thanks for checking out our website. Please join us on any Sunday. We believe that Jesus came so we could have life and have it more abundantly. Join us and meet new friends, enjoy our uplifting atmosphere, hear practical messages and watch your children grow.