Pastor’s Thoughts March 27th, 2023

We, here in western New York, are certainly weather weary… my crocuses started appearing about a month ago. The geese have been honking around for some time. The robins are back. We look around and see signs and our anticipation of spring heightens. But the warmth, the sunshine, isn’t coming. And we are disappointed. We shouldn’t be. Those of us that have lived here for any length of time know from history that we can’t count on good weather until May. Or, maybe June? But, we want what we want.

The followers of Jesus had a similar problem on the day that we recognize as Palm Sunday. We know the story: As Jesus’ followers approached Jerusalem they were expecting Jesus to be crowned king and begin the campaign to rid the land of the hated Roman occupiers. They saw the crowds cheering as they entered the city. They saw the palm fronds and cloaks being spread before Him as He rode. Their anticipation was heightened.

But, less than a week later, not only was there no coronation, Jesus was arrested. And then violently executed by death on a cross. They were beyond disappointed: they were devastated. But they should not have been. Jesus, Himself had told His followers what they could expect, what needed to happen. But, in their exuberance to have their collective will accomplished, they didn’t hear. They wanted what they wanted.

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the very cornerstone of Christianity. It is a plan that was ordained by God. And God’s plan ALWAYS comes to pass regardless of popular opinion.

As we plan for Easter this year let’s all remember the sacrifice made on the cross all of those years ago. Because of that sacrifice, all people everywhere have the opportunity to have a true relationship with God.

image by Carolyn Lansom