Pastor’s Thoughts March 10th, 2023

There is a song made popular by the Eagles titled Peaceful Easy Feeling. While the specifics of the lyrics are not the stuff of good sermons, the theme, the attitude, and the desire for peace and ease are universal among people.

I experienced that peaceful, easy feeling last night (Thursday, March 9) at our spaghetti dinner and basket raffle. This was our first attempt at a community dinner since COVID caused most of the world to shut down.

Prior to March 2020 our church held four community dinners annually, and like all community events, each featured details that could cause some level of anxiety; will people come? Will we have enough help to cover the event? Did we advertise widely enough? Do we have enough food? Do we have too much food? These were just a few questions that seemed to come up with regularity.

But last night there was no anxiety at all. The event went off without any cause for concern. Our church members, along with family and friends, provided plenty of people power. The community turned out and, it seemed, a good time was had by all. The result for me was a very peaceful, easy feeling.

As Christians, we can experience that peaceful easy feeling as a normal part of life. Jesus tells us that through Him we can experience true peace; that is, a vertical peace, a peace with God. That is in contrast to the peace the world can at times offer; a horizontal peace, a temporary peace with people. Peace with God allows for, provides for, true peace in our lives.

We are approaching the time of the celebration of the Resurrection, Easter Sunday, the event that makes peace with God possible. I would invite all to join us for our Sunrise Service, to be held at 6:30 AM on April 9th in our parking lot, as well as our Sunday Celebration service to be held at 11:00 AM (also on April 9th, but inside!). All are welcome.