Pastor’s Thoughts January 9th, 2023

Last Monday night (January 2) I joined the overwhelming majority of western New Yorkers by tuning in to watch the Buffalo Bills play the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

I consider myself a casual fan in that while I enjoy watching the games I really am not passionate about any team. I know, that sounds sacrilegious having been born and raised in western New York but there it is.

What we saw, though, some five minutes into the game was, I believe, something to truly stir the passions of all who were watching. It wasn’t about any truly awe-inspiring play, incredible athleticism, or brilliant strategy. No, in fact, it wasn’t about sports at all.

We all tuned in to watch a football game. But, amazingly, shortly after the game started a prayer meeting broke out.

While the injury to Damar Hamlin was horrific to see, the response by all on the field was nothing short of incredible. The players, coaches, and support staff, almost to a person, dropped to their knees in prayer. And the calls for prayer continued throughout the week and into the next weekend’s games. The tributes to the power of prayer and the calls for prayer were unprecedented in NFL history. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Thankfully, young Damar is recovering. That is a miracle in itself. Whether or not he recovers completely remains to be seen. But, for a moment, the football world was united in prayer for his recovery. And that, truly, is a miracle!