Pastor’s Thoughts for November 7th, 2022

I am writing this on Monday morning, November 7th, on the heels of a rather shocking Buffalo Bills loss at the hands of the New York (or is it New Jersey?) Jets. There always seems to be a loss of energy in the community after a Bills loss. How and why we humans identify and connect with a sports team is a mystery to me, even though I am not immune. I have my own connectedness, although mine is more in the realm of motorsports.

I can celebrate, vicariously, with a driver or a team that wins on Sunday. Or I can commiserate with a driver or team, again, vicariously, that loses on Sunday. So my mood, my level of satisfaction, will change depending on the outcome of an event, an event that I have no control over or input to.

But the connection that I have with the Living God, through the person of Jesus Christ, and the celebration of everlasting life, never changes. In churchy terms, God is immutable; He never changes. The promise that He made to His children, that they are the adopted sons and daughters of Abraham, siblings of the Lord Jesus Christ, never changes. There is no defeat, no loss to be concerned over. The church of Jesus Christ, the family of God, is truly the winning team!